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Ruahine Forest Park

Amid the beautiful bush-covered ranges, you also tend to witness a bunch of recreational opportunities that are exciting and filled with adventure. Once you experience this, it stands to be a part of your memory forever.

Norsewood Pioneer Museum

Museums that display Scandinavian heritage manage to bring hold of valuable information that everyone needs to know about. So if you wish to gain such knowledge, then Norsewood Pioneer Museum is your answer.

Ngapaeruru Scenic Reserve

The Ngapaeruru Scenic Reserves visuals and divine beauty are all that you need as the place stands to re-define beauty. As you witness these aspects, you will be taken aback by the feeling of heaven on earth.

The Lower West Coast

A Range Of Unique Experiences

Fantasy Cave

The Fantasy Cave is a visual treat for kids and a great experience for adults, making it an opportunity that is quite hard to miss.

National Wildlife Centre

As you proceed to understand the beauty of wildlife, you will also begin to realise the importance of preserving the same.


Warm, comfortable and soothing are a bunch of perfect descriptions that one can use to describe Norsewear.

Wind Farm

Giant turbines are ready to leave you gasping for breath as the Wind Farm is one place that has been a part of every traveller’s list.

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4. Dannevirke Domain

The Best Places in Tararua

The Tararua district near the south-east corner of New Zealand’s North Island is filled with unique surprises that come in the form of classic destinations. Visiting these places will give you an idea about the district, formulating your travelling plans to be exciting. So to help you get started on this front, we have come up with the ideal list that consists of all major attractions situated in Tararua. From museums to parks, the list goes on and includes everything that you hoped for. Hence, go ahead and learn more about these places.

1. Te Apiti Wind Farm

Wind farms may be situated all around the world, but Te Apiti Wind Farm is not the usual ones that you get to see every now and then. The place has a certain kind of feeling attached to it that begins from witnessing breathtaking visuals, helping you become a part of nature. If one has to go by reviews, then the people who have visited this place have nothing but praises for the same. By calling it a heaven on earth and by utilizing the opportunity to stand next to a giant turbine, they have made the most of their visit to Te Apiti Wind Farm.


2. Fantasy Cave

Although Fantasy Cave was established with the sole purpose of entertaining kids, it has gone further to be an excellent spot for people of all ages. Parents who have been to this cave with their children, commemorate the efforts taken by the staff to entertain and educate children. With nursery rhymes being the backbone of the place, they move ahead to tell you all about the same. Due to that, Fantasy Cave needs to be on your list.

3. Woodville Reed Organ Museum

Woodville Reed Organ Museum is considered to be the ideal spot for every lover of music. Their collection of instruments ranges in size and shape and manages to give you a wholesome experience. To make matters interesting, they also let you play them as you try to understand a lot about these instruments. The musical treasures that they pose are known to be one of a kind and thus missing out on them will be a grave mistake.

3. Woodville Reed Organ Museum

4. Dannevirke Domain

The Dannevirke Domain has a lot to offer, and travellers have a lot to gain from the same. Beginning with heaps of birds, you can go the extent of looking at deers and admiring the scenic beauty of the entire place. While it is a great place for kids to rejuvenate, adults can also make the most of it by going all around the site like a traveller. Considering the number of people who have been to this place, one can rightfully classify it to be a hidden gem.